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LINE has Launches Marketplace With 40,000 NFTs
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Wysłany: 08-06-22, 09:55   LINE has Launches Marketplace With 40,000 NFTs

TOKYO – April 13, 2022 – LVC Corporation ("LVC"), operator of LINE's crypto asset and blockchain businesses, today launched LINE NFT. A non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace available only in Japan, LINE NFT will offer a wide variety of content, including exclusive NFT videos by Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co. Ltd. called Yoshimoto NFT Theater, NFTs from the classic anime series Patlabor the Mobile Police, and NFTs of other popular characters. More NFTs from many different genres will be offered at a later date.

Dubbed LINE NFT, the marketplace will offer a range of digital content, allowing users to buy and trade NFTs.

Additionally, the chat app partnered with the Japanese entertainment conglomerate, Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co. Ltd. for its NFT marketplace. The entertainment house will provide exclusive content on the new marketplace under the label Yoshimoto NFT Theater. In addition, it will include NFTs from the classic Japanese anime series Patlabor the Mobile Police and several other popular characters.

“From today, LINE NFT will offer around 40,000 NFT products for sale, including Yoshimoto NFT Theater,” the announcement notes, adding that “Users can store purchased NFTs in their LINE Bitmax wallet.”

Based on LINE NFT's strengths of having a diverse lineup and enabling users to start using the service conveniently via the LINE app, LVC will continue to provide a myriad of experiences to users in collaboration with other group companies.

Moving forward, with the concept of “LINE Blockchain Designed For Everyone,” LVC will aim to provide NFT and other blockchain services and technologies that can be applied practically to users’ daily lives.

Meanwhile, several Japanese platforms have jumped into the NFT space recently. Major internet company, Rakuten launched a similar NFT marketplace last February to enhance its crypto presence. But, Japanese companies are not alone as several global platforms like eToro and NAGA have also dived into the NFT space.

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